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Sept 2020 - Oct 2020

As an avid coffee drinker who constantly makes coffee for myself at home, I found myself looking for new coffee beans constantly.
So, when I came across Trade, I jumped on their subscription service because of their curated onboarding for users to help find the perfect coffee beans from their wide library of beans.


So if it’s so great, why am I writing a brief about it? It’s honestly because as a user who loves the concept of Trade, I found myself using Trade but, found their current process on their webpage to be cumbersome.

Through a mobile app, users are able to easily access their subscription information as well as edit to their need easily.

Cumbersome action of constantly going online to sign into account
Easy accessible app with all of users information on the palm of the user’s hand
Not aware of when the next bean delivery will be
Push notifcation info based on past bean purchase to alert users about next delivery

With that said, creating an app that users can easily access their subscription information as well as a reminder notification will maximize user experience.

Trade Mobile App
Notification calculated based on days after previous bean order
More user activity due to convenience & easy accessbility

Trade Coffee currently uses a mobile adapted webpage when onboarding for their users. So with that, the mobile app will be created similarly to what currently exists or even be exactly the same.

With that said, my focus will be on the push notifications option with the scheduled orders for the users.

Platform Web Medium
Platform Web Medium
Calibre Semibold
Calibre Regular
Current User Subscription

The current homepage for the users are also the subscription information page. Which can also be found on the top navigation under Manage Subscription.

When managing the subscription, as a user, it can be confusing as “managing subscription” goes to the page in regards to the logistics of the subscription.

And the past orders section is repeated twice in different pages which can be confusing as well for the users.

The other option in regards to the user’s subscription information is by just looking at the past orders. Although this information is helpful, having a quick snap shot of future orders would be helpful for users.

Improved Subscription

In regards to making the user experience more clear and straight to the point, the ideal and yet very simple solution would be in regards to the changes of the current placement of pages.

Order Prioritization

The focus here was to make the order calendar front and center of the home screen which show order prioritization for the users. This would show the quick snap shot of their order that is coming as well as future order through the calendar.

From clicking on their order date, the app would give more detailed information of the coffee that they will be receiving as well as the option to change their order date and beans.

Push Notification For Future Orders

This addition goes back to the reason why I wanted to create this project, which was to make the current mobile site better for users like me who avidly use Trade Coffee.

By having the option of having a reminder on when the next order is going to ship will allow the users to know ahead of time rather than going back online and signing in to check.
This gives more of a seamless experience as well as the option to make any changes before its too late.

Don’t forget what the problem area was, even if that means you have to go back to the drawing board.

Intitally starting this project, I was super excited thinking that I will be able to create a mobile app bottom up. However looking further into what Trade Coffee currently does currently with their mobile webpage, it didn’t make sense as a lot of the things can be trasferred into a mobile app design. So, my next thought process was Okay, how can I make it better?

By having that mindset, I went back to the start of my thought process which is why I wanted to make the mobile app in the first place. Which was, I hated the cumbersome aspect of going online to check when my next bean would be. This created a more focused problem area that can be itereated.

So, a lot of user experience can be fixed through “small” iterations that will make a big impact on users rather than creating something from scratch.